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Jan. 16th, 2009 | 07:46 pm
location: Bay Area (no duh)
mood: blank
music: stuff
posted by: horriblematzo in bayareateens

I know this community is a little dead, but I believe in it! I believe in you little community!...
Anyway, here's my introduction:
My name is Elianah. I'm from San Jose (east SJ, not west thank you very much! j/k). I found this community by searching 'Hella'. Words cannot explain how much I love that.
I'm going to talk about my love for 'hella'. I hella love hella (lol). I never realized it was a north California thing until one of my teachers (from the south) told me and my friends how annoying it was. Haha, it was great. Good times.

Anyway, I have an actual question: Do you know the minimum age to volunteer and work with animals in the Bay Area? Thanks!

(I hope this community will live! haha)

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